10 DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

10 ways to add Christmas decor to your house with out having to actually buy the Christmas decor!

For the majority of these projects I used supplies I had on hand and only had to purchase a few small things from the craft store. 

For this simple place setting I grabbed a few extra salad plates and used a sharpie brand oil-based paint pen to create a simplistic JOY design. This quick little project took about 10 minutes and was easy as pie! (If you want to actually be able to serve your Christmas guests with these plates, you can bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, then lightly hand wash)

Now, you may not have an extra pair of rain boots laying around but this one shows how thinking outside the box and using stuff you already have can totally make your design. These were a hideous pink and white clearance pair from Target (I think I scored them for like $3-5 bucks years ago). I knew one day I could use them somehow. A little red spray paint from the garage and VIOLA!!

I am obsessed with how these paper garlands came out. For the second two I used simple white card stock. For the first one, I dug through my paper supply and found a gift bag from TJmaxx (the gold herringbone) and a half sheet of leftover glitter paper. Seriously if you don't own at least one round punch, GO GET ONE!!! I use mine weekly.....

I've seen these garlands all over the place but they are usually sewn....here's the thing, I ain't sewing, ever. I hate it. Period. 

I punched a bunch of rounds, twice as many as I actually needed for my length. I lined them up on the table, laid out a thin piece of  thread, then taped the thread onto each round. After this step was completed I went back and applied a double wrapped piece of tape to the back of a round and put on top of the side showing thread. (For the little ones I used a glue stick b/c of how small I would have had to make the tape pieces.) This was a super simple project.

Paper cone trees are an adorable, simple, and fun way to add some Seasonal decor! I rummaged through my craft closet and found a few mediums to play around with. The wood looking one is actually wrapping paper! For the thicker items like upholstery trim and felt I used a piece of poster board to make the trees and then applied using hot glue. For the plain ones, just a simple piece of card stock did the trick. No need to buy expensive Styrofoam trees!!!

I wanted my tree to be as full as possible but sometimes you have a spot for an ornament but no where to hang it from. So I placed these extra rounds from the garland all over the tree in those spots. Brilliant, my tree is full, beautiful, and these paper ornaments cost pennies!!

Here is another simple garland. It reminds me of soft snow balls. I simply strung a bunch of cotton balls on thread using a needle. This would be really cute wrapped around the tree too! Easy peasy!!

Pillows are one of my favorite ways to add seasonal decor to my house on a budget. I order these unbelievably cheap inserts from royalpillow.com. Even with shipping it is cheaper then buying the uncomfortable inserts from craft stores. I get the "Down-Like" they are super soft, allow you to get the karate chop effect and don't have annoying feather poking you, that my husband hates!

As for the covers I have a secret way of making without sewing, and will have a tutorial up soon. But when I'm running out of time or feeling a little lazy I buy cheap covers from Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Pictured are $4.99 each from Hobby Lobby. Then I purchased these printable transfer papers (I get mine from Walmart usually), and iron on my design. Your couch is a huge part of your living space so why not theme that too!?!

Ok so we all remember paper chains!! I used a roll of extra wired burlap ribbon and a stapler but made out of paper or regular ribbon would be gorgeous too!!

Berry and Leaf Garland.....This is by far on of my favorite DIY garlands I have ever made. I used regular white card stock and some extra vellum paper I had on hand. I printed the template below, traced and cut out about 100 leaves. Folded them in half to create a crease. Then just hot glued onto a long piece of white rope! **SIMPLE**

This Cupcake Liner Wreath is ridiculously easy. First I wrapped a Styrofoam wreath form with white ribbon, applied hot glue to the middle of the cupcake liner and press into the wreath. And then do it again, and again, and again until you've filled the wreath. I was able to do this during a Saturday night movie on the couch with hubby!

Ok so now put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, turn on the DVR and get to crafting!!!!

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