Our Fall Holiday Home Decor

Happy Fall Y'all

A peek at our Fall Holiday Home


  1. Your Fall decor is beautiful! I like that it fits for the whole season and isn't holiday specific. The hutch in your dining room is exact what I've been looking for my home. Did you refurbish it?

    1. Thank you Michelle! Yes I did! It was a dark, dusty, dismal thing sitting in the back of an antique store. At first I had my doubts but the $50 price tag was too good to pass up, especially since it was in really great shape (despite how hideous it was, wish I had a picture you probably wouldn't recognize it). So we brought it home and I was determined to make her beautiful. It had these giant ornate old brass hardware underneath the knobs. It also had doors with only a small viewing pane so I removed all that clutter. Then painted with a primer in one bright white paint. It took a couple coats over the course of a few days, but it was so worth the long hours of painting. My favorite is the dark contrast of the wood with the bright white dishes and framing. Good luck with your project, I would love to see pictures when you complete one!!


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