DIY Iron-on Applique

If you need a quick and easy shirt for any event, THIS is the project for you. I literally whipped these babies up in less then an hour! All you need is a T-Shirt, some type of Heat N Bond, a square of fabric, and your template!

I usually stock up on the Granimals T-Shirts from Walmart and keep on hand for last minute projects. They are only $3 each!!! For the baby I usually get the Gerber white onesies. For this project though I used this adorable H and M one because I love the color and it's only a 3 month so he will grow out of it soon anyway! 

I purchased the Heat N Bond at Walmart but you can get it at most craft stores. 

First, follow the directions on the Heat N Bond. Iron one side onto the fabric for a few seconds, then cut out your work area.

Print and cut out your template. If you are choosing to use the turkey, right click on the image, save to your computer, go to the image and print as a 3 x 5. Cut out the image and trace onto the Heat N Bond side of your fabric. Make sure you flip the image because the other side will be the side that sticks to the shirt. (see picture below and above)

Cut out your images

Again, follow the Heat N Bond directions. I peeled of the paper backing, placed sticky side down and ironed for about 10-15 seconds.

And Viola!!!! Here are my two adorable little turkeys!

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