Ornament Tree Frame

Ornament Tree Frame

So I have been having a huge battle of my design brain and my heart. We, like most families, have a collection of sentimental and priceless ornaments from our childhoods and beyond. Since my son is now 4 and has now begun making his own ornaments I know it's really important we display these along with our own. I have spent days racking my brain trying to figure out a solution. Something beautiful, inexpensive, quick, but still allowed these ornaments to shine. After finishing a 2am feeding with the babe, I laid back in bed and did something creative thinking, as I usually do. Then viola I came up with this.....

(not pictured: a willing husband) 

You can stain the wood if you'd like but I like how this type came. We purchased our slats from Lowes, they were about $3 something each. You may need to cut them down to size. Or if you can be flexible on your size you can purchase two shorter and two longer, pre-cut. 

To hang the frame I stapled some wire to the back. I know it's shoddy work but I was so ready for bed! My husband made fun of my craftsmanship but it did the trick so the jokes on him! Ha

TA-DA! We love it! It is pretty and shows off all our sentimental ornaments!

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