Infant Shoe Re-Fashion

Hey y'all I know it's been a little while since I've posted. We have already had one crazy year! In January we found out we were expecting!.....again ;).....although a little freaked out at first, realizing I would have 2 babes just 12 months apart, I really couldn't be happier. Then 2 months later it was time for the gender reveal. I was certain I would end up with 3 boys, for the simple fact that I have always wanted a girl badly. With one of my besties at my side the ultrasound tech revealed that sweet weewee-less bottom!!!!! I just started crying and couldn't even believe it. So now that I've had a couple months to let that soak in, LET THE GIRL CRAFTING BEGIN!!! 

So I don't know about you but I am totally swooning over these bow top ballet flats everywhere. Especially the ones that go to the sides. Bitsy Blossom (an etsy shop) are my absolute favs! Her work is phenomenal. Sigh, however at the moment I am not in a position to afford them. 

So of course I came up with a DIY so that my little princess can sport something similar to all of these great works of art!

Here is the before and after. I found these sweet little Kola Baby ballet flats on ebay for a whopping $3!!! What a steal! They are adorable as is but I am in love with the change! They look much more boutique chic!

These were super simple to make. This is also the process I use to make bowties for my boys and will be using to make bow headbands for baby girl!

Step 1: Depending on the shoe size you are working with you will need a rectangle cut of your fabric. For this infant size mine was about 6x9. 
Step 2: Fold the top and bottom of your rectangle into each other.
Step 3: Fold the sides of your rectangle together.
Step 4: Before you secure, measure your bow size against the shoe top. Make sure it will come down to the side seams. Also, once you squinch into the bow shape the length will lessen a tad so keep that in mind. 
Step 5: SQUINCH into your bow shape!
Step 6: Secure using a tiny rubber band. If you don't have the small hair ones on hand use a small piece of string or ribbon. A large rubber band will make the middle way to bulky so don't use one of those. 
Step 7: Cut a long scrap piece of fabric.
Step 8: Fold sides into each other.
Step 9: Add a glue dot to the back of the rubber banded area, Attache end of long piece, wrap around middle tightly and add another glue dot. Secure, let glue dry (be careful not to burn your fingers!!), then cut right at edge. TA-DA now you have a bow!
Step 10: Secure to top of shoe. If you want the sides of the bow to come down like mine, add a line of glue along the back edge and secure to the shoe. 

Now stand back and admire those beauties!

Now, I also had these sweet little boy loafers for Baby Asher sitting in a drawer. I had ordered them from an etsy store last year and he wore them everyday to daycare. I am trying to re-fashion as many of his clothing and shoe items into girly things for baby girl. 

I simply tied a bow out of lace fabric and attached using hot glue. I love love love how they turned out! Perfect for her fall wardrobe!

I am planning on finding lots of cheap little shoes and re-fashioning so stay tuned for an update with more!!!! 

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