Baby Boy Noah's Ark Themed Nursery

Asher's Nursery

With Weston I was all to in a hurry for him to be a "Big Boy". I learned my lesson, babies don't keep. So I am doing everything I can to keep Asher's babyhood going as long as I possibly can. He is my sweet baby boy. I designed his new room with all of these thoughts in mind. I wanted it to be soft but still boyish. When I look at it, I really see his sweet personality shine through. I also wanted the theme to be Noah's Ark but without being overly theme-y. It's always a struggle to not go to Hobby Lobby and buy everything they have for each theme but simplicity is better in the end. 

I made the teething guard using a simple piece of canvas fabric, ribbon for the ties, and ordered a monogram patch from etsy. I feel in love with one already made and it was $150!! I thought no way, I can totally make that!

Hope you enjoy!!

Sources are listed at the bottom of the page.

Accent Wall Paint Color: Behr's Rain Washed
Crib Paint Color: Behr's Sophisticated Teal
Crib: Vintage Jenny Lind
Dressers: Ikea
Animal Heads:


  1. I love everything about it ;) How did you paint the crib, did you have it sprayed? We have a crib like that and tried to paint it and it did not work :( \
    Chelsea @ /

  2. Thank you Chelsea! Yes I did paint with just regular Behr paint in flat finish from Home Depot with a paint brush (it did take forever!) Then I seal with a coat of minwax polyacrylic in matte finish. We have two babies in this house and another crib, that one we spray painted and sealed with the polyacrylic in gloss finish. I'm sorry yours did not work out!

  3. I love this room! Where can I find the chalkboard art?

  4. I love this room! Where can I find the chalkboard art?

    1. Rachelle,

      Thanks for your comment! My etsy shop is currently on vacation mode right now because we are in the middle of a relocation move, however if you email me I may be able to whip one up for you. You can email me at


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