DIY Floral Crown

All of my supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby. I'm totally obsessed with Lamb Ear Leaf and use it any chance I can. The soft velvety-ness of it was perfect for this shoot. I've seen a bunch of floral crowns out there and some are a little to dainty for a grown women (vs a newborn shoot) and some are just huge and look like they take over your head. I wanted something in the middle.

Step 1: Create a base with a thin wire, thin enough to mold well and easily but strong enough to hold up all the stuff you will glue on it. Measure your head and simply the wrap the ends together to secure closed.  
Step 2 & 3: Cut all of your embellishments so it's easy to grab and glue and you can move along quickly. Step 2 picture how I cute the berries so I would have a long enough stem to secure into the crown.
Step 4: Just start gluing! I started a base with the leaves and then worked in the flowers. From there I added the berries in any areas that seemed to be missing something but were too small for the roses. Also, for the leaves I glued onto the wire (which is a little tricky, watch for burnt finger tips!) then secured with little cuts of wire wrapped around the stems just to ensure they wouldn't come off.
Step 5: Leave a small space and tie a bow!
Would love to see different colors and floral picks from you!
Amazing photography credit goes to Eroe Photography by Leah Hughes out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. See some more of her Ah-MAZ-ing work HERE!

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