Half Bathroom and Entry Way (Series: From Basic New Builder Grade to Custom)

Ok y'all this is my very first post in this Series: From Basic New Builder Grade to Custom. We recently built a brand new house. This is the first house for us to own and get to live in together. We are working hard to take this standard builder grade from cookie cutter to a little more of a custom look and add character to her. 

We felt like a full renovation on an older home was just too much for us and our budget wouldn't allow for a custom newly built home so we went in the middle by getting all the basics from the builder and adding to ourselves. I am a big fan of shortcuts. In this series you will see what we have done to take it from basic to beautiful! 

These are the first two areas I have been able to fully complete....with the exception of new flooring. With just 9 weeks to go until baby girl is here (fingers crossed it isn't any sooner!!) and then the holidays right after, the floors will have to be a project for the new year!


Ok so let me tell you about this entry way.....When you walk in the ceilings open up to the second floor. The lighting is beautiful. However, the hubs has absolutely refused to paint the two story walls. I really don't blame him, his Hunny-Do list is already 5 miles long and he hates painting. I am the painter in this relationship but at 7 months pregnant it just really wouldn't be safe for me to be up there. Sooooo what was a girl to do? How about that door?!?! We absolutely love it and every time I go to walk upstairs it makes me smile. It's like a little burst of sunshine in there. If you ahve been debating painting your door, I say take the leap! 

The focal point is just an empty frame from Goodwill (that I've painted a thousand different times) and some fabric applied directly to the wall. I used the liquid starch method to apply and it's perfect!

The candlestick was a re-furb too. It was a plain honey stained one I've had for years, I just applied a little white chalk paint with a foam brush and then wiped it off. The key was to wipe around in the direction of a circle. Round and round and round. 

I LOVE the wonderful smell of eucalyptus that greets you when you walk in the door, and I swoon over the deep emerald color of the bunch. 


We switched out the lighting and faucet, I painted stripes on the walls and the vanity went from blonde stained wood to a crisp clean white! I am hoping one day we can do the mirror, when we have a little more time. We will either just frame it out with molding or replace it for a funky shape mirror.

The vanity got 3 coats of white flat and 3 coats of polycrylic. 

Again, the floors will be replaced next year and I'm thinking a very dark and rustic wood. 

Gosh, I just love thick horizontal stripes on walls. I can't get enough of them! They really look alot harder than they actually are to do. These are textured walls....I hate textured walls to the depths of my soul, they are so obnoxious. They make everything harder and I'm not a fan of the look, I prefer a smooth beautiful finish. But alas, out here in the mid west it's pretty standard and we didn't have the option. 

So the trick to straight lines on textured walls is 2 things: 1. Use Frog tape 2. Paint with the original color first to seal and gaps, wait to completely dry then go back over with your alternating paint color. Works like a CHARM!

Hope you all enjoyed what we've done so far, the BIG things are still underway and coming soon so stay tuned!!!!

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