Children's Nautical Bathroom- Series (From Basic New Builder Grade to Custom)

For some reason I just can't get away from the nautical bathroom theme for the kids bathroom. I have been doing it for years and I just feel like it's so perfect for this. However, as many times as I've used these decorations, in rentals, the rest of the bathroom finishings just ruined it. I am so happy to finally have faucets, lighting, flooring, and a wall color that compliment the theme!

So here is what I did: First the floors, cabinet color, faucets, and lighting had to go! I found the light fixture and faucets on ebay for way cheaper than Lowes and Home Depot! I specifically looked for ones with a nautical feel. I didn't want this room to be overly themed like the nautical section at Hobby Lobby threw up. I wanted it to just have that feel. 

The flooring is a peel and stick from Lumbar Liquidators, two 30 sq ft boxes cost me $50 and I have a bunch left over I'm sure I will use for another project. It only look me 2 hours and I just laid it right over the old flooring (as it states you can). Then I had the brilliant idea of using it to frame the mirror. HOLY COW! Look at how nice that came out! And for such a cheap and easy thing. I used adhesive to ensure a good stick. 

The towel rack is a few left over pieces of wood, secured together with a light grey stain and some boat cleat screwed in. I used a paint pen to hand paint the kid's names. I love how it turned out and how useful it is!

Wall Paint is Behr's Pensive Sky

Look at that hideous floor!! YUCK! 

This oar was purchased from the sporting section at Wal-Mart for $12. I searched for a vintage one but when I couldn't find one I wanted I made it! It came in a blonde oak, I sanding it down, stained, roughed it up and painted some stripes. 

I love the way floor to ceiling shower curtains look. It gives the room a much more sophisticated feel and really draws your eye up. The liner is behind the curtains. I purchased a 84 inch from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (the only place I've been able to find them this length). Then I cut it down the middle and hung behind the window curtain panels. 

Soap dispensers from Target

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