Halloween House Tour 2015 (with free printables!)

I am not a creepy, blood and gore type of Halloween lover. I like cute bats, spiders, witches hats, and lots of patterned orange, black, and whites! I am also a big fan of handmade looking holiday decor. Most store bought items just look cheap to me. Today I'm going to show you some simple ways to decorate for Halloween with out breaking the bank on expensive but cheap looking holiday accessories! Enjoy!

(Free printables available at the bottom of post)

Chalk art signs make great little accents, allowing you to theme perfectly for cheap! My signs are from Hobby Lobby and the Target $ section for just a few bucks each. The ones from HL are double sided so I use them for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well just by turning them over! Double score for the money!

The BOO sign is a few years old but one of my absolute favorites. It was unbelievably easy to do. Different letters from HL, painted Dollar Tree frames, and some scrap book paper is all you need for this simple but adorable craft. My letters are attached to the glass with hot glue and have held up for years. The pumpkin frames were made the same way. I found styrofoam pumpkins at Dollar Tree and sliced them in half and glued to the glass. SOOOO easy!!

The little felt ghost were a tad more complicated but I'm so happy I took the time to make these a few years ago. I cut wonky triangles in white felt, two of each the exact same. Then I hot glued the edges of the tall sides, once completely dry, flipped inside out. I used pillow stuffing to gently fill the inside. Then I cut felt circles close to the size of each ghost's bottom. Added a bead line of glue along the inside of the circle, placed the cone on top, then pinched all the way around to secure. I used black little sewing pins stuck through for the eyes. Sounds complicated but once you do one, you'll get the hang of it. 

The black bats were just cut using a bat template (do a google image search and find the perfect bat for you!) on black scrap book paper. Then taped to the wall using regular scotch tape. 

The printables I created on picmonkey.com you can make your own or download mine at the bottom of the page!

To make this wreath I used a few stalks of this orangy fall looking stuff from the Joanne's floral section. I simple cut and hot glued to a wreath form going in a clockwise direction. Added a little hounds tooth ribbon and viola! I wish it was a little fuller but not bad for $5 compared to my $50 inspiration one!

These Jack O-Lantern pillow covers are one of my favorite things! And were sooooo simple to boot! I made my own orange pillow covers but you could order if that's easier for you. H&M tends to have lots of in expensive solid colored pillow covers for cheap! After making the covers I simply cut the face pieces out of black felt. I free handed it but you could certain print yourself a template from online to use as a guide. I find that hot glue is the best way to attach felt to fabric. 

I love this Halloween inspired ribbon "paper" chain! I purchased the 3 ribbon patterns from Hobby Lobby (2 inch gross grain seems to be best). Cut pieces and chained together using hot glue. A very fast and easy project!

The fabric garland is pretty self explanatory. I searched the Hobby Lobby and Walmart fabric sections for all of these fun Halloween-y patterns! Cut strips and tied to a piece of rope. I used the paint program on my computer to make the flag garland!

Lets just pause a moment to take in the beauty of this wooden footed bowl purchased from Target. Sigh, I just love it. 

This piece looked a little too fall/Thanksgiving so I added a few tiny bats and instant spooky transformation! I made the table runner from this PERRRRfect Halloween fabric from Joanne's I found. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it!

I am in love with this island set up I threw together. The vase is a Dollar Tree cylinder (also available at Wal-Mart) I used scrap book paper, cut to size and slid into the vase for a quick Halloween detail. I can take it out every year and use the vase year round for other things! 

The adorable velvet pumpkins were purchased this year from Safeway and Marshells. The foliage filling the vase are all from Hobby Lobby.

The owl cutouts I found at the Dollar Tree years ago but would be so simple to cut from black paper yourself. The skeleton is store bought but oh my gosh, he's so cute I couldn't resist! I gave him a bowtie to make him even cuter!

Giant chalk art is one of my favorite ways to had decor for no money! The witches hat was from a costume and the crows I did store buy years ago. 

Real pumpkins from the grocery store are actually pretty inexpensive and if you wash with bleach first will last you all Fall long for all of your decor. 

These cute flocked little spiders are from Walgreens!

These are carve-able faux pumpkins from Wal-Mart (they are available at a bunch of stores like Target and Hobby Lobby but WM had the cheapest ones for about $8 each). I used a paint pen and just wrote right on them. 

The spider frame was super simple and only took a few minutes to make. I had the frame and yarn on hand so it was free!

Free Printables:

Right click on picture and scroll down to "Save Image As"

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