Christmas: Children's Rooms

We do birthdays BIG in this house, and Christmas, the birth of our Savior is no exception. Childhood should be filled with magic. There is so much magic in Christmas and I don't want them missing an ounce of it! I also want them to cherish the celebration of the nativity as much as I do. 

Plus, decorating their rooms is pretty darn fun for me too! So if you don't love everything about Christmas you can just keep scrolling, no cotton headed ninny muggins allowed here!

First up, Baby Girl's Nutcracker Ballet Room. I just sigh every time I walk in. You know that feeling you get when you look up and see snow falling? That's the feeling I get when I walk into her room and the 8 year old little girl in me squeals with delight!
Other than the nutcrackers I DIYed every detail! I even took the tree from this tore up hot pink mess to the soft, snow dusted blush pink thing she is now.



For Baby Boy I wanted something very soft, organic, and sweet. I choose to use felt and yarn mediums to get that feeling. I incorporated sweet little stuffed animals as well. I DIYed the garlands, felt ball frame, and yarn wreath. Next year I plan on making some yarn trees too! I love how the muted but colorful palette brings so much whimsical fun to his space!

Ok lastly, Big Boy's room! I wanted to do something super fun for him this year, something he would just LOVE. So a rustic vintage Santa's Workshop it became! He was sooo happy when he saw it all, he loves having his own little tree and playing with all the fun Christmas toy/ornamental pieces on his dresser. 


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