Floral and Tuscan Inspired Shower for Baby Mila

It was my privilege and honor to throw a baby girl (FINALLY) shower 
for one of my best friends recently. The shower was thrown in her home and I knew I wanted to incorporate the beautiful vintage furniture she has. Of course it had to be PINK! I am a little over the whole pink and gold theme so I went with an array of peachy pinks, light coral, pale pink, and creamy wheat colors to incorporate he fall feeling in the air. My friend is a big "foodie" so I knew simple finger sandwiches just would not do for her. So I created a Tuscan inspired pasta buffet since she loves pasta! 

Since I DIY almost everything typically, it wasn't really a big deal to hand dye 400 coffee filters and use them to create dozens of handmade blooms. I incorporated some artificial flowers with the coffee filter ones to give each arrangement a little depth. I love how it all turned out and could look at all the beautiful flowers all day long!

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