Christmas Cookie Making Basket (free printables!)

So we have this sweet family of 6 as our neighbors (and apparently as my 5 year old tells me, his future in laws because he's going to marry their daughter, ha) I made this basket for them so they could all enjoy and receive the best present of all, the gift of memories!



Mini Cake Stand- Target Dollar Section
Clear Organizer Container- Target Dollar Section
Rolling Pin- Target
Santa Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby
Velvet Ribbon- Hobby Lobby
Mason Jars- Walmart
Sprinkles- Walmart (and my own pantry!)
Cookie Cutters- Walmart
Basket- Walmart (in the storage basket aisle, not floral/crafting basket aisle)

For the cake stand I made myself using sharpie paint pens and baking (tutorial here).
I filled the little jars with a simple royal cookie icing recipe found here.
The sugar cookie dough recipe can be found here. I ended up having to split between two big mason jars to fit it all. Below I have included the printable instructions to attach to the jar for your recipient.
I filled the clear office organizing container with the sprinkles, easy for the kids to pinch out and a cute way to display!
I took all of the cutters out and tied them together with ribbon. Very cute!
I cut down the scrapbook paper and inserted under the lining of the basket, I love the way it makes the basket look!

To use these printables, right click on the image and save. Then print at a 5x7 size.

Hope you enjoyed and find this tutorial and printables useful!!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this!! Thank you for the inspiration, you're amazing!


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