Asher's Nursery

With Weston I was all to in a hurry for him to be a "Big Boy". I learned my lesson, babies don't keep. So I am doing everything I can to keep Asher's babyhood going as long as I possibly can. He is my sweet baby boy. I designed his new room with all of these thoughts in mind. I wanted it to be soft but still boyish. When I look at it, I really see his sweet personality shine through. I also wanted the theme to be Noah's Ark but without being overly theme-y. It's always a struggle to not go to Hobby Lobby and buy everything they have for each theme but simplicity is better in the end. 

I made the teething guard using a simple piece of canvas fabric, ribbon for the ties, and ordered a monogram patch from etsy. I feel in love with one already made and it was $150!! I thought no way, I can totally make that!

Hope you enjoy!!

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Baby Boy Noah's Ark Themed Nursery

Living and Dining Room
(Including budget friendly 16 ft by 10 ft built in)

I am over the moon with how our 16 foot budget wall built in turned out! With 3 littles I knew we needed two things, LOTS of toy storage and glass decorations up HIGH! These built ins are the perfect solution for the entire family's needs. 

When I look at this room I am pretty happy with it but there are a few things that I am hoping to do in the next year: Reed roman shade for window, a blown up family picture in the window pane frame (once baby girl is here!), possibly a bigger TV to fill the big space, and new flooring. I will post updates as I add these things.

(Sources listed at bottom)

Living and Dining Room

My BIG 5 year old's Camping Room!

This room is pretty spectacular in person, it's like you leave the house and enter a different place completely. I completed this room in 24 hours (after only 5 hours of sleep that night of course) and my first born was beyond excited to show Daddy when he got home. I listened from down stairs as he walked up to see. I heard the most sincere exhale and laugh from him. I think the little boy inside him was just as excited as my son. This made my heart melt, knowing that I could give my son a dream room that any child would adore! 

Also, not pictured that makes this room that much more awesome is a night light that makes a million stairs all over the walls at night. So he can really feel like he is sleeping under the stars!

Update: Sources listed at the bottom

Camping and Mountain Themed Little Boy Room

A Seasonal Yearly Growth Chart

I wish I had thought to do this with my oldest. It has been fun to watch his growth this year. It has flown by and I can't believe my little baby boy is almost a year old!! 

First Year Growth Chart Pictures

Ok y'all this is my very first post in this Series: From Basic New Builder Grade to Custom. We recently built a brand new house. This is the first house for us to own and get to live in together. We are working hard to take this standard builder grade from cookie cutter to a little more of a custom look and add character to her. 

We felt like a full renovation on an older home was just too much for us and our budget wouldn't allow for a custom newly built home so we went in the middle by getting all the basics from the builder and adding to ourselves. I am a big fan of shortcuts. In this series you will see what we have done to take it from basic to beautiful! 

These are the first two areas I have been able to fully complete....with the exception of new flooring. With just 9 weeks to go until baby girl is here (fingers crossed it isn't any sooner!!) and then the holidays right after, the floors will have to be a project for the new year!


Half Bathroom and Entry Way (Series: From Basic New Builder Grade to Custom)

DIY Floral Crown

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