Graveyard Grub- Halloween Class Treats

Here are the Birth Announcements I created just for our sweet Ansley Jaye. My Father In Law owns a printing company in my home city of Jacksonville, Florida. I do all of the design and artwork and he does all my printing for me. I use for all of my photo editing and artwork. Pickmonkey is awesome and the majority of the applications are FREE!! 

I wanted her announcement to be preppy but girly. That's "our" style and I think this announcement embodies the perfect mix of both. This newborn photo shoot was super easy to accomplish and you could do one too! I used her bassinet but if you don't have one you could take pictures in baby's crib and it would be just as beautiful. I love the simplicity of these, allowing the floral design to really play out. 

Baby Girl Birth Announcement

Halloween House Tour 2015 (with free printables!)

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