DIY No-Sew Pillows

If you follow this blog you probably know by now I change my couch pillows as often as some people change their underwear. And if you've ever bought throw pillows you know those puppies can add up! Cha-ching! I will admit we can't really afford my extravagant pillow obsession. But when did I ever let that stop me from getting what I want?!?

I also have a strong dislike for ....ok hate, I just hate....sewing. With little ones sewing is such a time consuming process, my projects have to be set up, completed, cleaned up and photographed between the hours of 9am-11am when (for now) both of my babies are sleeping and my big boy is at school. Ain't no body got time for dat!

So low and behold the awesome pillow case pillow cover in a no-sew tutorial!!!

Also, before you roll your eyes and think well that would never work in my house with all these hooligans I live with, let me tell you....our pillows get tossed, get slept on, get played with, thrown, used as weapons against each other, jumped on, and anything else my boys can think of that they probably shouldn't be used for and they have never once torn/ripped/fallen apart!

Liquid Stitch
(optional: clothes pins)

This is how I figure out what size to cut my fabric down to. I usually allow myself about a yard per pillow unless your pattern goes vertically, then I purchase 2 yards to get the vertical pattern in the two yards length wise. (I know, this is all very technical.....I am an artist so I'm really not very good with numbers)

After I've "measured" (hahaha) I cut down to size.

Lay your fabric with the outside face up because you will be turning this inside out.

Fold the ends over to get a nice tight fit. Not too tight of course but just enough to look fluff and tailored!

You can use a pair of clothe pins to help keep it taught but I've done it so many times, I usually don't need to anymore.

So with your left hand, hold the left side together (or use the clothes pins) and with your right hand slowly pull the pillow out from the fabric folds. Then straighten everything up if needed.

Then I hem both edges with a simple thin bead line of glue. You don't have to hem both inside and out but I like that it keeps any fraying from happening on the inside and producing long crazy threads.

Then here is how I measure the sides to make sure I get it just perfect. (Again, not very technical...)

Use a thicker bead of glue line and then just press together well. Make sure you get those corners nice and good!

Don't forget to go back and do these little flaps too.

Once you are done gluing I recommend letting it set for about 2 hours. Then you can carefully turn inside out and stuff with your pillows!! This works for any pillow size including lumbar. I absolutely love this method and I don't think I will ever use any other way. I whipped up all 7 cases up in just 1.5 hours! I mean does it get any quicker and cheaper than this??

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have!


  1. Where did you get that grey fabric? It would match our decor and desired look PERFECTLY!

    1. I totally forgot to source the fabrics! The grey pattern is from Hawthorne Threads. I'm completely obsessed with it!!

  2. so do you leave one end open then?

  3. I've never heard of a no-sew pillowcase. They look amazing and comfortable. It's interesting you use glue. I wonder how good they hold up to wear and tear. I like the patterns and colors you used, they look very modern and sophisticated. They take no time to make, any lazy person's dream! I have to get my wife on board!

    Dylan Lovell @ Mattress Sale Liquidators


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