Ansley's 6 Month Photo shoot (and some “Mom-tog” tips!)

My sweet, giggly, full of personality, baby girl turned 6 months old today. I set up a little photo shoot area in the living room to take her pictures. Now, I am by no means trying to be a photographer. I have no formal training and I really have no idea what I'm doing. But I LOVE pictures of my family and if you're like me, you can't afford to hire a real photog for every occasion. So 5 years ago, we invested in a DSLR camera and called it my Mother's Day gift. I am so glad we did, now I can capture all these amazing moments and have high quality, high resolution images. It has paid for itself 10 fold.

Here are a few tips I've learned along the way to help you take amazing photos of your babies too!

Tip 1: 
Invest in a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex-yes I did just have to look that up) camera. I have a Canon Rebel T3i and it was around $500 with the standard lens. The standard lens was always good but I somehow broke it last year, the weekend before I was scheduled to be induced. I freaked out, how would I get beautiful photos of her in the hospital?!? 9 months pregnant and ugly crying, the Mr loaded us all up and to Best Buy we went. They had a 50mm lens in stock so we grabbed that. And WHOA....huge difference. I was giddy with how much better it was! So if you can afford it I recommend upgrading your lens. If not, don't fret, standard is still going to give you better results than your iphone.

Find the brightest, most light filled room in your house. The brighter, white, natural light you have coming in, the better the photos will be. And make sure you have all the lights turned off, or this will give off a yellow-ish glow and you don't want that.

Tip 3:
What do I shoot in?
So this one is tricky, I don't know all those crazy numbers and about ISO and all that. I'm sure I could find some blogs and figure it out but honestly I just don't have time or patience. So because I shake a tad sometimes and the littles are usually moving like crazy I use the sports one (picture of a person running). I noticed it captures the fidgeting a little better than in manual. Also, I like the way they come out better with the flash off so I never use auto.

Tip 4:

A LOT can be fixed during the editing process. I am just not at a point right now where I can invest in photoshop so currently I use I love it! It's perfect for all us "mom-togs" out there. I purchase the royal subscription which gives you all of the editing features and is just a couple dollars a month! (You know I love a deal!) To increase the brightness of my images w/out reducing the contrast instead of brightening in the exposure section, I go to > effects> advanced> curves. This will give you a sharp image with a lot more light flooding the picture, making it look more natural and not as edited. But of course the natural light still makes the biggest difference, so don't skip out on that part!

I really hope these tips help you in capturing beautiful images of the little loves in your life. I am a true believer that pictures are so so important in this life on earth. They grow so fast and one day all you might have are the photos. One day I will sit in my quiet, clean, peaceful, but possibly lonely house and reminisce. The beautiful chaos, laughter, love, hugs, & giggles will come to mind and my heart will smile. 

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