1 Hour Independence Day Dessert Table Set Up

Would you believe this dessert table took minimal effort to throw together? If you have some pretty platters, 30 minutes to run to the grocery store and 30 minutes to set it all up, then you can create a stunning display too! Here's how you can make your guests think you spent all week planning, all morning shopping, and all day slaving in the kitchen in just an hour!

No matter what you are hosting, a beautiful canvas to display colorful and tasty treats is vital to any great table-scape. If you don't already, I would suggest investing in a few staple pieces to use year round. Homegoods, Marshells, TJMaxx, and Ross, are my go to retailers for inexpensive yest beautifully crafted platters, cake stands, and serving dishes. They usually, always, have an all white section and at just a few dollars each it's money well spent! One of my greatest finds are the decanter bottles, they were only $1.99 each and what a great addition they make to any set up!!

Now if you have a local grocer with a great bakery, produce, and floral section this set up is a cinch to throw together! We've lived in 7 states over the last 9 years and my favorites have been, Publix (I'm from Florida originally so I will always be a Publix lover!!) Fresh Market, and Market Street. However, I have discovered some great finds at lots of other grocery stores including Super Wal-Mart, in a pinch, many times before. 

The beautiful cake was in the gluten free bakery section (and I was incredibly surprised with how amazing it tasted!!) Topped with a few berries, some confectioner's sugar, garnished with some rosemary and sage sprigs from the produce section, and then sided with a simple raspberry sauce, you'd never know it wasn't gourmet!! 

Look at that beautiful apple pie, I'm not sure what dessert is more american. I'm also not sure I could make one that beautiful so I'll leave it to the professionals at the bakery! 

Some sweet lemonade infused with rosemary and garnished with a few strawberries is a great way to make an old-fashioned favorite into a beverage with European flair!

For the flower arrangements I kept it simple with all white blooms and touches of greenery from the grocery floral department. I've noticed a lot of them are starting to carry beautiful greenery bunches including eucalyptus (my FAV!). Sprinkling it around on the sides of platters is a great way to give your table-scape an organic touch. 

I love this simple and natural set up and I hope this has inspired you to create one of your own this weekend!!



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