Moody Guest Bath Reveal

For years I have loved the look of a dark wall or bold color choice accented with lots of white and neutral pieces. The one time I attempted this we moved soon after I painted the walls and I was never able to finish. We didn't have a choice in the granite selected for this house. (Although I am very grateful to have granite at all!) Combined with the tile selected, it was a little busy for my taste so I knew I'd have to find a way to break it up and compliment the granite pattern. This room pulled several different gray tones between the wall color, granite, and tile and they were all clashing! I've been drooling over Studio McGee for a while (if you aren't following their work, you NEED to!) I realized while scrolling through their lovely IG feed, the time was now to and this was the perfect space for a dark, moody, and bold color choice. I've also been swooning over mixed metals and the trending round mirrors so I wanted to incorporate that into my design as well. 

The Mr about fainted when he casually walked by and saw my paint brush gliding along the trim but we are both loving the end result. I hope this inspires you to make some bold choices in your own home. 

The wall color is Obsidian by Olympic (Lowes)

I wasn't wanting to spend anymore money but this sailboat had me smitten as I stood in the check out line at Home Goods, those clever devils. The white lotion dispenser is from Home Goods as well. The wooden soap dispensers are from Target and can be found here.


Okay, so this light. It's actually the fixture the builder installed but the glass shades were terrible. I took them down and put the bulbs back in and I LOVE IT! I'm not sure how that could have happened anymore perfectly (and easily). 

The mirror was a bit of a splurge for a frugal person like me but I told myself I'd work it off. Plus, the 40% Hobby Lobby coupon code I had, made it considerably less than all the other high priced designer ones out there. 



The white mirror is from Wal-Mart (can you believe it?) and the other two are from Hobby Lobby.

This AMAZING basket stopped me dead in my tracks while zipping through Hobby Lobby the other day (and it was 66% off, that's a win if I ever knew one)

This rug is pure perfection for this space and can be found here, at World Market. For the hardware, I knew I had to have brass. It just goes so lovely with the cool blue tone. However, at $15+ a pop, completely out of the budget. So, I covered in a gold spray paint and then rubbed a mahogany gel stain over them with a paper towel, let sit 10 seconds and buffed out with a cloth to give it a more authentic antique brass finish. The tea towel is from World Market.


  1. Amazing job once again! You've got more done in a few months than I have in a year!

    1. Haha!! I sadly trade sleep for projects, not sure what's wrong with me! Thank you!!

  2. It’s awesome; it’s looking beautiful with the cool blue tone. I have planned for Bathroom Renovations. And for this i already contact "IPC Restoration and Renovation Contractors". And after seen this i am going to discuss about this.

    1. That's great Kaiyden!!! So glad this could inspire you, I hope it turns out beautifully!!


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