Laundry Room

I'm sure if you have kids, especially 3 or more of them you know how much time is spent in the Landry room. (Sigh) A lot more than I wish, laundry is my least favorite chore. However, in this house we are so blessed with a large amount of storage and the laundry room has a ton of cabinets! I've always longed for a beautiful laundry room but most are just not able to be functional AND pretty. But in this space I am able to have both and it is glorious!!! 

I scored this wire tray at an antique junkin' store in Georgia. Most of my best finds were in that great state.

This is the hardware that was originally installed in this house. These T-bar pulls were a brushed nickel but I wanted a more industrial look in this space so I spray painted black to produce a faux iron finish.


These hooks are from Target!

The wall color is Gossamer Veil by Sherwin Williams.

I found this straw bag at Hobby Lobby!





  1. was wondering where the other coat rack with bag on it was from?

    1. Thanks for your inquiry BB! That one is from Target as well. I got it 6 years ago though. I have seen somewhat similar since then? so it's worth a shot checking them out!

  2. So talented! You could make anything look amazing!!!

  3. So talented! You could make anything look amazing!!!


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