Living Room Reveal

I'm really happy with how our living room turned out. I wanted it to feel cozy like you'd have no problem curling up in all the pillows with a cup of coffee. The room is very large so I was able to keep the couch comfy and create a more formal sitting area for the occasional guest visit. We don't do much entertaining since we are new here with no family around. Even so, when we do make new friends or have family visit, I think we will congregate mostly in the kitchen and dining room or backyard so I didn't put too much emphasis on that in my design plan. However, with 3 little ones I do need to gear our spaces to their needs just as much as our own. I opted to keep it an open layout with all furniture against the walls so we can easily see them playing (and fighting) with each other while on the couch.   

As far as the style, well I don't think there is a specific one. I enjoy so many I can't conform to only one! I just put things together that I love and when I look around that makes me smile. To me, that's beauty. I think this space incorporates transitional, modern, traditional, and contemporary eclectic with touches of boho and minimalism. See makes no sense but I still love the way it came together! 
I Hope this inspires you!!


Picture ledge shelves from Ikea. Frames found at Ross and Marshalls. 

The tall walls and tray ceilings are simply magnificent and I am so happy with that feature of our house. However, the amount of bare wall space did present a challenge. My first instinct was a gallery wall (who doesn't love a good gallery wall?) but in this space I feared it would clutter it up just a little more than I could handle. So, on the hunt for large artwork I went. I stumbled upon quite a few bloggers with tutorials for these large scroll-like hangings. It is so simple and one of my very favorite projects to date. I created the artwork myself and I've made it available just for you to download, here

I uploaded the images to Staples and ordered in a B&W engineers print, size 36 x 48 (be sure to check the box fit to scale). Then I headed to Home Depot and grabbed 8 of the 2 inch by 4 foot slats and had them cut right there, down to 36 inches in length. I purchased 1.5 inch wood screws and a roll of twine as well. To construct, I drilled holes an inch inside each set of wood slats. For the top slats I wrapped the twine around the hole of the back slat and taped to hold in place. Then I laid the print over that slat and the other piece of wood over that. I drilled the screws down to secure together. Repeat the same steps for the bottom (omitting the twine of course) AND VOILA! If you are in need of a full tutorial with images try searching pinterest for engineering print art. 

White vase from IKEA
White wood bowl from Hoby Lobby
Wood candle sticks from Hobby Lobby
Fiddle fig plant from HomeGoods
End Table HomeGoods


Like all things Restoration Hardware I literally salivate when I see the Balustrade coffee table. So when I found these turned legs at just $105/set of 4 I jumped for joy!!! I ordered them before we were in the house and had the couch all set up. Once we were, I sadly realized a round coffee table would look the best. But I had already paid for these so what was I to do? Then one day it just hit me, I've never seen a round Balustrade table.....BUT.....why not?!? I am so so happy with the result!! Tutorial post on that coming soon!

Most of the pillow covers are from H&M and I always get my inserts from Royal Pillow, in the dow-like form. Our couch is from Furniture Row and came with the dark brown block feet. We switched out for raw wood turned legs and a tutorial on how we did that coming soon! The rug is from an At Home Store.


Ceramic vase from Hobby Lobby
Dried Eucalyptus from Hobby Lobby
Glass vase from Hobby Lobby
Marble tray from HomeGoods
Vintage brass vase from @harperandarrowmarketplace on IG

So this large wall art, is totally not for the wall. Last year all of the TJMaxx and HomeGoods stores in Colorado carried these wooden doggie gates. Every time I passed them I thought how magnificent they would look hanging on the wall but our last house didn't have a lot of blank wall space so I never had a reason to get one. Then, after we put an offer on this house and I started my design plan I remembered these. I ran out to HomeGoods and in a stroke of pure shopping luck this very last one was on clearance! Of course I snagged it up!! I've already had a lot of questions asking what it is, so there you have it.

The dresser and side table (on the opposite wall) were given to use by my Mother In Law from her bedroom set. I painted them (of course) and switched out the hardware giving them a completely new look! 

Striped blanket from Target
Basket from Marshalls
Candlesticks from Hobby Lobby
Manzanita branch from Save on Crafts
Faux Demi Jon vase is a wine bottle
Horse from At Home Stores
White marble container from the bathroom section at Target
Magnolia leaf wreath from Melrose Botanicals on Etsy
White blanket from HomeGoods
Pillow from Marshalls

Chairs from Target
Marble side table from Target
Wood container from Target
Rug in 4x6 from Walmart online


Basket from an At Home Store
Pom Blanket is a Martha Stewart purchased in Hawaii on the military base over 6 years ago (I get asked a lot!)
White blanket is from Target


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  3. Hi there :) I absolutely LOVE your scroll wall hangings, and thank you for making them available for download! I just got some printed yesterday at Staples, but they came out pixilated up close. I'm sure this is due to file size, so I was wondering if yours the same way? You can't tell from a few yards away, but up close it's fairly obvious. Did they maybe get compressed when I download them? Thanks for the advice!


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