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"Where troubles melt like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me"

Oh man am I excited to write this post and share our boys' room with y'all today! When we realized we would need the boys to share a room I thought, how in the world am I going to make a design well suited, functional, and practical for an (almost) 2 year old and 6 year old? But I love a good challenge so I put my thinking cap on and here is what I came up with. 

I want so many things for my children, to become good members of society, to be giving and kind, to love everyone, to follow theirs dreams, and I also want their childhood to be magical. I remember the very first time we were told we were going to Disney World, that overwhelming feeling of complete and unadulterated JOY. I want to give them that as much as possible while I still can. So I set out to create a whimsical all around boy space that would only make sense in the mind of a child. Here is what we did and how we did it. I hope you love it as much as we all do!!

This sweet little window bench is from Walmart! It can be found here!
The cloud pillow is from this Etsy seller.
The curtains are Nate Berkus for Target. I purchased one panel and made it into two since it is a small window and these are fairly large panels.
The blanket was found at Home Goods.
The pillow covers are from H&M.

I hand painted this mural over their dresser. My six year old and I sat down with some colored pencils and sketched out some of the items it would include. His favorite is the little red house sitting on a cloud. My two year old walked in and gasped ( I mean have you every heard a two year old gasp? It's about the cutest thing in the whole world) as he pointed to the hot air balloons and grinned from ear to ear. But my personal favorites are the whale and the moon!

The cloud garland is from this etsy seller and is a really nice quality product! 
The plush stars are from this etsy seller.
The star garland is from Amazon and can be found here!
The wall bike is from Hobby Lobby.
The wall color is Sherman Williams Gossamer Veil.


The thought of bunk beds made me cringe. I had never seen one that wasn't hideous so I scoured the internet and found two unbelievably, amazing, gorgeous bunk beds. I was smitten........but then....they were $2k-$7k (insert crying laughing emoji) Um yea, no way.....SO I designed our own and the Mr built it ( I helped a little!) in just 4 hours one fine Sunday afternoon and for less than $200 bucks!!!! I swear it took me longer to paint the beast then to build it. Unfortunately, we are not master carpenters or even amateur ones so we didn't feel comfortable making a complete set of building plans but I do show you what we used and the sketch below. 


Having a shared room with a 2 and 6 year old presents a few safety challenges so here is what I came up with. We made the bottom bunk flush with the floor for not only his sake but because I knew little sis would be crawling in and out to play as well. For the ladder we had our oldest attempt to climb to the top bunk measuring as high as he could get his foot and only using one 2x4 so my littlest wouldn't be able to climb up it. We kept the bottom bunk about 4 inches shorter then the top so that this would work. 

I used fabric and pom pom trim to make curtains for each bunk. The bottom's are just for show and don't actually close. My oldest gets scared in this stage. He is ever so happy to be able to close himself in at night and feel a little more secure.

How adorable is this wooden cradle? It belonged the "The Farm Bureau" so says a sticker on the back but a sweet Momma friend in Colorado gifted it to us. I did a thorough cleaning on it and it now holds their books. SWOON 


One day while reading books I fell in love with the illustration of this one. So I cut out our favorites and framed them in these 8x8 shadow box frames from Walmart.

How sweet are these boys? Well when they aren't wrestling, fighting, chasing each other, knocking over their sister, and busting open a lip, they have their moments ;)

Softest dino ever is a Jelly Cat of course. If you know anything about us at all, it's that we have an obsession with all Jelly Cats!

UMMMMM how cute? This is one of my favorite parts. The sign and adorable puppy head hooks are from Hobby Lobby. I lost my breath when I first saw each of them. I mean the doggies are just so stinking cute and I'm obsessed with this sweet yet boyish sign!

This basket is from target and I love it, especially the little detail of copper handles.

My oldest was born in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. When we went to have his 3D ultrasound video made we picked "Over the Rainbow" by IZ, the Hawaiian singer playing a beautiful ukulele. It has since become HIS song to us. I love every whimsical lyric and wanted to include my favorite in the room. I whipped up this hanging fabric banner in a matter of minutes to display. (Seriously, so easy!)


This dresser is from Ikea but they have discontinued this gray-brown color (no idea why, because it's the best finish ever!) I replaced the black knobs with ring pulls.
The little bike and elephant are from Marshall's.
The globe and nesting houses are from Michael's.


Y'all bear with me, this is the first time doing anything like this and it's not technical in the least. I decorate, I don't measure and cut wood!

Here is the sketch I drew up

-First we measured our twin mattresses. Make sure you measure because the dimensions on the label were off a little.
-He built a frame for the bottom mattress using 2x8s. He used 2x2s on each side and 1x4s slats to hold the mattress up off the ground a hair. 

-Then we brought it into he room to finish the build.
-He attached all four sides using 8 2x6s. One on each end of each side. 
-Then he attached the very top pieces using 2x6s, although in hindsight I wish they had been 2x8s so they would be as thick as the bottom. (but who's complaining when your husband builds you a beautiful bunk bed?)
-Then we were able to get the hardest part done, building the top bunk mattress frame in the middle of the structure. We decided to use 2x12's on three sides (side rails and at head rest) so he isn't as likely to fall out. I hate the way the 2x4 guard rail looks on most bunk beds. We knew this would be difficult as the weight of the 2x12s is a lot more. He made sure to secure that puppy well and used 2x2s as vertical brackets for each corner as extra support. 

-We used a 2x8 for the foot board so it would be easier for him to climb into the bed from the "ladder" end.
-He made the same bottom support using 2x2s along the rails and 2x4 slats secured into those. They are memory foam mattresses and tend to squish easily so we used a bunch of the slats. I was concerned about a limb pushing the mattress and falling through.
-Then we had my oldest stand on the bottom frame, place his hands above as if to climb into bed, and put his foot up as high as he could, we measured were this would be and attached a single 2x4 as his ladder. I didn't want my youngest to be able to climb up there (oh Lord I can just see the accidents and injuries happening!!) and our oldest has always been an extremely good climber so I knew this would work nicely for him. 
-This made the top bunk space a little bigger then the bottom and it looks fine but if you have older kids I would suggest making it exactly in the middle and using 2 rungs on the ladder part.

-The last step was adding decorative corners! I purchased these corbels from Home Depot. I wanted to add them to all the corners originally but at $10 a piece that would have been another $80 and I didn't want to spend that much. They do have smaller ones for half the price but I wanted the front ones to really make a statement. 
-To attach them he cut another (2x8 for bottom and 2x6 for top) down to size, able to fit inside the frames so the decorative corners would be flush with the outside. Before he did that, it looked like the sides still do. See pictures below:


-The wood was really rough and produced lots of splinters, so I sanded her until I though my hands were going to fall off. Then I filled as many of the holes and knots as I could with wood filler. I painted two coats of Behr's Polar Bear white and finished off with two coats of Minwax poly acrylic in matte so it would be super smooth.
-I purchased these curtain rods from Target (2 of the 28-48" for front and back and 1 of the 48-84" for side). I made 8 curtain panels from a linen like fabric found at Hobby Lobby. I used my best friend liquid stitch for the everything, including adding the pom pom trim (also from Hobby Lobby). 

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment below or follow me on Instagram! I hope this inspires you to build your own awesome bunk bed!!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for taking the time to describe the building process!!

  2. Ummm ok this is amazing rachel!!!! It's perfect in every way!!!!!

  3. Its awesome. i suggested to my friend "IPC Restoration and Renovation Contractors" for remodel his home and they also suggest for his kids room. and also planning for that

  4. I absolutely adore what you and your hubby have done in here. It is truly a room that can grow with them and not too themes.
    Would you share how you made the banner on the wall?


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