DIY Sippy Cups

How adorable are these sippy cups? They are the simplest DIY and I love that I can so easily personalize them to each child and my style. Also, you know I love a good bargain and my total cost for 9 of them was only around $60! On Etsy they run between $12-18 each. 

These specific cups are not new, I first purchased them 3 years ago for Weston so they are a little beat up. You can find this 10oz size here for about $5 a piece. It states they are not dishwasher safe but I have been putting mine in there for 3 years and I think it's fine. The inserts are laminated so they can go in as well however after a while moisture does tend to sneak in a little so for longevity I recommend just removing the inserts for each wash in the dishwasher. If you hand wash there really is no need. 

So let me show you how I made these puppies in just an hour! 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below so I can answer. With three little ones and two under two I tend to miss a lot these days!


I found the laminating sheets at Walmart in the office supply aisles, you can also order them here. You don't absolutely HAVE to laminate the inserts but it will help keep them clean, water resistant, and wrinkle free so I do recommend. 

All of the patterns are scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and Michael's but I wanted to show you that you can personalize and use your own prints too so I created the rhino silhouette and calligraphy ones in Microsoft Word. For the font I used "Stylish Calligraphy" a free download from To get your own, click the download button on the right, go into your downloads folder, then into the font file, open the one with the letter A on a white page icon, then click the install button. It's that simple to add free fonts to your computer! 

I opened word and inserted my jpeg image (of the rhino) into the middle of the page. You can adjust the sizing as needed. The page on your screen is true to size so just hold your cup up to it to make sure it will fit. 

Step One: Cutting your inserts to size. For a 10oz cup the insert needs to be about 4.25" by 8 inches. At first I measured 4.5 but it ended up being too big. 

I like to cut all of my inserts at once.

Step 2: Laminating your inserts. You will basically follow the directions on the package but I found them to be a little vague and difficult to follow at first so I'm going to lay it all out for you here. 

First lay two inserts down, I was able to get 2 from each page but you need one page for the front and one for the back so basically a pack of 10 sheets will give you a 10 count of 10oz inserts. 

Then peel the backing end strip off and stick to your work surface over top your paper. Be sure to adjust and line everything up in case they moved a little. 

In order to get the least amount of bubbles you will want to pull the backing directly over and as flat as you can against the paper, pulling with your right hand and smoothing with your left hand as you go. 

Step 3: Pull up your laminated paper. The paper will stick to the laminate sheet and should come right up.

Step 4: Laminate the backside. Repeat your steps as you did the first time. This time it will be easier so a good idea (that I thought of after) is to do the backside first and front side second. I saw less air bubbles when I did the backside.

When you cut your inserts out, leave a tiny space so they will seal. 

The flamingo and gold polka dotted sheets were actually a clear plastic so I lined the back with computer paper. The first time I had the paper underneath when I laminated the top. Bad idea, this allowed it to move and created a ton of air bubbles. If you wanted to do double sided inserts to get even more bang for your buck I would recommend doing a single piece at first, then adding your second piece when you do the backside.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! Thanks for stopping by!

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