ONE & TWO Birthday Bunny Soiree

Our two youngest babes are a little over 12 months apart, dubbing them as "Irish Twins". Six months ago when I started to plan their birthdays that are only 21 days apart I realized we would need to have a joint celebration. 

Being that my baby of three is my first girl I did not want to take away from the gloriously girly first birthday I have always dreamed of giving her. I knew the theme, color palette, and over all design would need to be fairly gender neutral but express both of their sweet personalities. I chose to use lots of white, wood, and greenery in the design with touches of gray for the boy side and soft pinks adorned with florals for the girl side. 


For the dessert station I wanted two statement pieces, similar but able to separate the girly and boyish sides of the table. I collaborated with a wood laser cutting company, Family Laser to create custom cuts of the children's names. I told them I wanted to DIY laurel wreaths and float their names cut from wood inside. I loved working with them, they are not only the sweetest group of people but I expressed my vision and they made it a reality. I will be posting a tutorial on the wreaths soon!

We have an absolute obsession with all stuffed animals Jelly Cat in this house and my middle can not live without his bunny so I thought a garden theme would be the perfect way to incorporate child-like accents into the overall elegant design. 




I collaborated with Kristin of Seasonally Adorned to create these sweet fondant bunnies to top their cakes. Kristin is an artist and you can see more of her work here.





We scheduled an afternoon celebration beginning at 2pm so we could serve light refreshments in a garden patch theme. Using vintage berry baskets to display the fruit and veggies was a nice way to achieve an organic feel. The fresh display was a big hit with guests as it was all food, easy to eat, slightly filling, and pleasing to both the children and adults. The best part, being very simple for a busy hostess to set up. 





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