Simple Summer Dinner Party Tablescape

Somewhere between kids, and careers, and soccer practice, and appointments we stop having the time to enjoy life. A fancy dinner party, in this season of life you say? Ha who has time for that. I sure don't. I do think we have to forcible make enjoying the journey a priority. It's easy to get swept up in the to-do lists of life.

What's better then a gorgeous table displaying good food and wine, with friends and family gathered around it? Not much that I can think of, but who has the time to set something like that up? Well allow me to show you it doesn't have to take your entire Saturday to host a gathering this delectable looking. Here are a few quick tips to help get you started!


You don't need an extravagant floral arrangement. Some delicious food with vibrant colors, a few strategically placed greenery stems adorned with just one or two big blooms and BOOM you have a simple yet very lovely centerpiece. 

Use wood cutting boards as serving platters for a fun and organic twist. Small strainers hold cherry tomatoes and olives perfectly, as if they came straight out of the bag from the Farmer's Market.

These preserved leafy branches are from Michaels, found in the dried floral aisle. The creamy garden roses and faux flowers from Hobby Lobby. Both items I had in my decor around the house.


Invest in an all white serving set (I use the term "invest" loosely). This crisp look is a classic and everything looks divine on a clean white palette. Walmart has some very affordable option that aren't too shabby but my favorite place to find these items is HomeGoods, Marshall's, or TJMaxx. They don't have to match, I like to mix it up. You can usually find each piece for just a couple bucks and serving dishes up to around $12. $50-$60 will go a long way. These are something that can go with ANY occasion, ANY holiday, ANY style, ANY color palette, ANY theme! You will certainly get your money's worth. 
At this age is hard to think of something I would tell someone when they ask what I'd like for my birthday or Christmas so I like to say white serving dishes or platters or cake stands! (Ha) it's a great gift idea for your friends and family too!

Add some vintage ambiance. A couple dancing flames can bring good vibes to your atmosphere. Even in daylight the soft glow of a the golden flicker will add a touch of elegance to your set up. 

I was lucky enough to have these antique brass candlesticks I pulled from my entryway decor but another idea to create the same vintage look is to stick taper candles in some empty bottles. If you don't have any laying in the recycling bin, craft stores usually carry them for less than a dollar each. Most grocery stores still carry taper candles so you could grab a couple with your food.

I don't claim to be a master chef. I'm better at making things look pretty then taste pretty. But I do like to host so I try. For this dinner party I served a few easy filling and flavorful Greek dishes. The perfect quick and simple menu consisted of grilled chicken sprinkled with Athenos Greek Seasoning, my Mother's pasta salad recipe (always a big hit), homemade tzatziki sauce, and some pita bread.

I hope you found this post on simple entertaining tips helpful and inspiring! 

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