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I am so excited to finally share with you my home office! This space has quite a few DIYs and a whole lot of my personality and style. I have a love affair with all things pretty, tufted, and romantic but I also get a little giddy when I see Boho-chic designs at Anthropologie and World Market. Here is how I blended my love of different design styles into one unique take. 

As far as functionality I needed a lot of closed storage and two work spaces, one for computer and paper work and another for painting and creating. I designed a built in desk and the Mr put it all together for me. I found these two cabinets on Craigslist for only $20 each!! While not the perfect style they were in great condition and really just needed a quick coat of white and new hardware. I am swooning over these brass T bar pulls I found here. I used a marble contact paper to cover the top of the wood desk part and the cabinets. It was very easy to apply (just follow their directions) and I purchased two rolls of this one, here. I also asked the Mr to frame the focal wall giving it a little architectural element. 


I originally had these two tufted accent chairs in the living room but the shade of gray just wasn't flowing. I had bought a wing back chair off craigslist (for only $40!!!) so I just switched that for this set. A very simple DIY, I added casters to one of the chairs by drilling a hole in each leg and then tapping them in with a rubber mallet. Be careful when picking your bit size, the caster insert piece tends to taper a little wider at the end so make sure you drill a big enough hole or you could crack your wood, splitting your leg apart. Overall, it was very simple and I purchased this set of 4 casters for only $5 bucks from Home Depot. 


I brought this chandelier from the last house because it was a splurge for me and I loved it so. The Mr replaced the ceiling fan and put this in it's place. I love it's beautiful soft presence.

This lamp is from Target and originally came with a bubble glass shade but on moving day it feel out of my car and shattered everywhere. I was so upset (since it was brand new and a little bit of a splurge) but it's funny because while I liked the over all look I'm not a huge fan of bubble glass so I'm actually loving this look much more!! The golden Edison bulb is from Home Depot.


A few months ago while we were still waiting to close on the house, I was browsing through the aisles of Target when I spotted this gorgeous bath mat. The pattern reminded me a lot of my favorite Anthropologie hand towel I once had. I instantly fell for it, but both bathroom floor tiles were gray and I knew it would be too much. So what was a girl to do, I wanted it so bad? Then standing in Target it hit me, it's too pretty to be on the floor anyway so why not hang this beauty! Viola, bath mat turned wall tapestry! It was super simple to create, I cut a wood dowel (from the craft store) down to size, applied a line of hot glue along the top of the back about 3 inches down and folded the top part over the dowel. I pressed really hard all along the glue line to make sure it was secure. Then I attached a little twine to the ends to hang. See so easy!


The desk and accent chairs are from Target




This pretty little organizer is actually in the bathroom section at Target great for makeup storage but how perfect for office items too!!



"Dream, Create, Inspire, Repeat" what a perfect quote for this space!

This DIY abstract art piece was SO FUN to create. One of the funnest and easiest things I've ever done. There are no rules and you really can't mess it up! 

The white and brass office supplies, pink storage boxes, brass ruler and this white file holder are all available at Target. 

The wall color is Gossamer Veil by Sherwin Williams. 

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