Romantic Fall Decor

I wanted to start warming up and bringing a little Fall into our home but I'm not completely ready to let go of playing with pretty Summer flowers. So, I thought I would combine the two. A few weeks ago I couldn't bare to throw out these gorgeous pink Juliet Roses after just a week of getting to enjoy them so I hung them out to dry and use in this seasonal decor set up. I love the way the dried look evokes a Fall feel without loosing it's prettiness. 

I swoon over blue-gray Cinderella pumpkins and I use them every chance I get in the Fall. Unfortunately, it's a little to early for pumpkins to hit the stores and markets so I decided to DIY paint a few Faux pumpkins from the craft store. I used my photos from last year and a few different techniques to achieve an authentic look. Tutorial and supply list below!

To bring in some warmth to the space I incorporated candles and a few soft plaid patterns in different textiles. I hope this inspires you to think outside the fall box and use unconventional items you love in your seasonal styling!








Cinderella Painted Pumpkin Tutorial


These are the colors I used to mix my custom colors. I also used the white latex paint from the garage (not pictured) because I was out of craft acrylic white. Between the blue pumpkins, all white, and white washed peachy-orange I used a lot of white paint so I would suggest getting a big size. 

Here are the colors I used (from Left to Right):
Steel Gray
Tuscan Teal
China Blue
Sunkissed Peach
Tropic Orange
Dark Burnt Lumbar

Polar Bear White by Behr 

These pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby and really not horrible as is but I was going for a different color palette. When on the hunt for pumpkins I was looking for the perfect shape to mimic my favorite real pumpkins, the minis and Cinderella kind. 

This is the inspiration picture from our last year's Thanksgiving decor 

For the blue Cinderella Pumpkins I started with a lot of white and mixed in just a few drops of the blues and a little bit more of the gray. Slowly mix in the colors until you get the right shade and remember it will dry darker. 

To create a more authentic look I dabbed just the tiniest amount of gel stain on with a paper towel, starting at the top and then buffed out in a downward motion toward the bottom. 

For the peachy-orange pumpkins I started with a base color, a burnt orange-peach. I added a dab of tropic orange and dark burnt lumbar to the sunkissed peach to create this shade. I added some matte medium to the color mix so there would be no shine since the real pumpkin looks a little chalky but I'm sure if you don't have this on hand this step could be skipped. To get that white wash overlay look that the real inspiration pumpkin has I dabbed a little white paint on a section with a paper towel and then buffed out a little, working my way down and around the pumpkin. 

I noticed on my inspiration picture that unlike most faux pumpkins the stems were more tan then black/brown or green so I did a light sloppy coat of Khaki paint over the stem part, allowing just hints of the green or black to show through. 

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