Halloween Home Tour 2016

Welcome to our Halloween House Tour 2016

For me, holiday decorating is so much fun. I like to switch it up a little and style something different every year. Back when we lived in Georgia about 5 years ago I first fell in love with Cinderella/Heirloom pumpkins. I incorporated the blue grey's into our Halloween decor and I loved the contrast it brought to the warmer fall tones. This year I wanted to use them again and allow their rustic elegance to inspire the overall design. I still wanted to keep it fun and cute "spooky" for the kiddos just a little more my taste. I loved it when my six year old walked into the dining room and exclaimed "WOW, cool bats on the pumpkin Mom!" A lot of the decor is DIY vs store bought. I always like the look of hand made Halloween a little more and it's usually cheaper so win-win! I hope you enjoy this tour through our home!

For the fireplace garland I simply cut a bunch of leaves from black card stock and glued onto a strand of black rope (found in the trim aisle at Hobby Lobby). It was very simple to make and only took about one nap time! I hung it a little wonky with some black ribbon for a fun effect. 


These buffalo check pillow covers are my favs and so cheap at only $10 each from this Etsy seller!

These BOO letters are from Hobby Lobby and located in the glass container aisle, they stand on their own or you can use a magnet stripe to hold in place. The branch, feathers, and berries are all from Hobby Lobby.


This BOO set was the easiest DIY! Simply, add different patterned scrapbook paper to a set of different sized frames. You can paint your frames black if you'd like. Then hot glue letters to spell out your word directly onto the glass. These letters and papers are all from Hobby Lobby.

I made these adorable stuffed ghosts years ago and they are still one of my favorite little things! The kids just love them and they are so cute! I cut oblong and oddly shaped triangles out of white felt, two of each size/shape. I made them about an inch large than I actually wanted them to be. I added a bead line of hot glue along the two tall sides, then placed the other side directly on top, adhering them together. Then I folded inside out and stuffed with pillow stuffing (TIP: if you don't have any on hand you could stuff with newspaper, plastic grocery bags, or fabric scraps). Then I cut a circle for the bottoms a tad larger, added a line of hot glue and pinched the edges to secure together. For the eyes I simply inserted sewing push pins. 

(The eyes do come out so these are made to be decor only and not for children to play with)

I found this cool mask at Hobby Lobby but I wasn't loving the black/white and gold so I painted a soft greige. 

Black ticketing fabric creates the perfect and inexpensive, rustic, table runner!


I cut these tiny little bats from black card stock and used tape to apply. I really, really love how it adds the perfect spooky Halloween touch to these gorgeous pumpkins!

I added spiders to pretty wreaths and beautifully colored pumpkins to give my styling a sophisticated yet creepy and fun touch!

These bittersweet branches from Afloral are my new favorite fall find for this year! I adore the punch of color they add to our decor. 

This silhouette wall was meant to be for Halloween only. However, the creepy vintage look I was going for turned out to just be really cool! So, after the holidays I will create this using only our own family silhouettes! 



We use these buckets for trick or treating but I like to set them out and use as decor until the actual day of Halloween. I found these last year at Hobby Lobby and used a gold paint pen to add the kiddo's names. 




Thanks for taking our tour sweet friends! I hope this inspires you to add a little fun to your home this Halloween season!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, as always! Fun, spooky, and classy to boot! I was going to make my own Buffalo plaid napkins and pillow covers, but saw you're link to cheap pillow covers off Etsy and thought that may be more my speed since all my inlaws are trickling in this month and time is not on my side. I'm clicking on your link, but nothing is opening. :)

    1. Thank you Stacie! Yes, I am so silly, this Mom brain gets me all the time. I forgot to go back and actually add the link. I have updated it and you should be able to access it now! So sorry!!

  2. Your home tour was a real treat!!
    So super darling πŸŽƒπŸ•ΈπŸ•·

  3. I love the brooms that you have on your fireplace and outside on your porch. Where did you purchase them?

    1. Hi Misslawlady!! I actually found them at a thrift in Hawaii 7 years ago. Unfortunately I have never seen ones like them since. I'm so sorry I could not give you a source! Thank you for your comment and visiting!

  4. Such classy, understated decor! I can imagine your kids' delight as they slowly discover each clever element around the house.


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