Holiday Wreath Tutorial

Okay so if you are a frequent visitor here you may have heard me mention the company Afloral a few times lately, but seriously y'all I'm like their BIGGEST fan! I could play with flowers all day long and live a very happy life. I recently discovered their section of natural and preserved items and I just got giddy thinking about all the possibilities!! I wanted a Holiday wreath for our dining area that felt casual but carried an elegance to it. I've been very inspired by French Provincial Design and all of the fruit and greenery that were used in 16th Century Christmas decor. All of the items I used are from Afloral and you can see how I did it here! 

Natural 8" Grapevine Wreath
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters

Step 1:
Use one stem from each green to create a bunch. Secure your bunch together with floral wire. 

Step 2: 
Add a stem of berries, secure with wire.

Step 3:
Apply your bunch to the grapevine wreath at an angle using wire. You can fish your wire through one of the top vines and then again around the entire width of the wreath to thoroughly secure. 

Step 3:
Create a second bunch and lay it over the bottom of your first, covering the exposed wire. Attach your second bunch to the wreath just as you did before. 

Step 4:
Create a third bunch but this time lay it in the opposite direction and secure.

Step 5:
Tie a large bow to cover your exposed wires as much as possible. Then add a few stray leaves to cover any parts the wire did not cover. 

Step 6:
Now, you will add your floral and ornaments embellishments. Use a leftover cut stem and some wire to secure together.

Step 7: 
Tuck the embellishment stem inside a bunch and down into the grapevine wreath as much as you can. This should keep it secured to the wreath. 


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