Y'all it is finally done.....

I have long awaited this moment since moving into our brand new, standard builder grade home 6 months ago. I purposefully saved our master bed and bath for last so I could really focus and create an oasis for us. 

This is more then just a bed and a bath for my husband and I. We have been married 9 years (next week!) and have 3 little blessings. These sweet little ones take a lot of our time. We don't have much family around so alone time is a rarity for us. Date nights happen maybe once a year. So for us, after the kids are all in bed sleeping like angels, it's our time. This is where we relax, laugh, converse without interruption, share the highs and lows of our days. This is where we get that much needed time together that is oh so important for a marriage. Our bedroom has to be a calm, relaxing, cozy, and an adult space. 

In the bathroom I wanted elegance, drama, high end hotel meets spa by the ocean.....and I wanted it all for pennies. 

So after 2 weeks, a $700 budget (thankfully gifted to us from our parents and grandparents for Christmas!) a whole lot of my blood, my sweat, and a few of my tears here you have it folks. 

I am in bathroom heaven....

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