Valentines Dinner for Two

The Mr and I were married in February. So, with our anniversary just before Valentine's day it tends to a take a back seat in our celebrations. However, if you know anything about me at all by now, it's that I will take any excuse to celebrate and set a pretty table! 

Babysitters and nearby family are a rarity in our lives so since our first pregnancy our tradition has become to celebrate at home as a family with a home cooked lasagna dinner. I slave in the kitchen making everything from scratch, garlic bread, salad, lasagna, and an amazing dessert. I set a fun table with red heart shaped bowls and gift bags for each of the littles. One day when they ask why we celebrate this day together I will tell them because love is something the world needs a little more of and it's a special gift we have. 

I wanted to share how I would adapt our family tablescape to a more romantic dinner for two as an inspiration to anyone needing it this year!

Florals and footed bowl from Afloral




  1. What a beautiful tablescape. I love that you celebrate as a family.

  2. This is beautiful Rachel. I also love that you celebrate as a family too!


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