Faux Peonie Arrangement Tutorial

Okay, y'all I mean how gorgeous are these Real Touch Peonies from Afloral?? Dare I say they are even prettier than the real deal. I think these images will justify that statement. There are many ways you could use these beauties in home decor but I went with this glass vase and acrylic water arrangement because I wanted these to look as real as possible. 

I often purchase fresh flowers for the kitchen and even that is a luxury that can add up quickly, but being able to purchase fresh flowers for my bed side and all around the house is just not in the budget currently. It does actually hurt a little to watch fresh peonies I spent $5 a head on shrivel up and die in a matter of days so when I saw these babies I knew I had to invest in a few bunches! Let me tell you, I am not disappointed or regretful in that purchase one bit. They are so so beautiful and I'll be ordering more again soon! 

To find out how to make your own pretty peonie arrangement scroll down to the tutorial below!


Faux Peonie Arrangement Tutorial


1 Pair of Wire Cutters
Not Shown: Wooden Stir Stick

Step 1: Before you begin setting your acrylic water you will want to cut your stems down to size and prearrange your blooms. You will want to make sure you have all of your placement and stem lengths perfected before you begin. A good way to measure is to hold your stem against your vessel and cut, this will usually give you a little extra length to adjust as needed. 

Step 2: Start arranging your stems inside your vessel. I chose to use the taller ones in the middle and smaller around the sides so I would have a rounded top look. When you see pre-made acrylic arrangements they are usually twisted together perfectly, this does look very nice however I wanted a more natural look so I let them fall where they may. 

Step 3: Completely read the directions on your water kit. These are chemicals so you want to make sure you do everything as instructed. I liked that this kit only needed to be mixed together and not cooked on the stove top like others. The method this kit uses is not very complicated at all! You will want to use something disposable such as a wooden popsicle stick or plastic spoon to stir your compounds. 

Step 4: As instructed mix your two bottles completely. It is very important that you use the exact same amount of both chemicals to properly set your arrangement. 

Step 5: Stir carefully but well combined for two minutes.

Step 6: Add your flowers, you can move and adjust them as needed without any worry, your mixture will not dry quickly. Your arrangement will need to sit overnight, undisturbed, and out of direct sunlight to completely set. 

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