Spa Bar Cart- A Mother's Day Gift to Myself

After creating and bringing three human beings into this world, 19 moves, a whole ton of painting, DIYs and scaling ladders my body is pretty run down. Most days I am so tired by it's end I can feel it in my bones (welcome to Motherhood right?) so this Mother's Day I thought I'd give myself a little gift. Meet my new best friend. 

I made most of the bath salt mixtures with a little help from Dr. Teal. I started with Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts as my base and added different essential oils and dried flowers. You can actually purchase packs of dried flowers such as jasmine, lavender, chamomile, and roses off Amazon if drying them at home is just a little to "do it yourself" for you. 

I also rehomed Dr. Teal's bubble baths in pretty glass bottles so I could have everything at one station, looking fine as ever. 

My insanely talented friend Natalie Malan created the jar labels for me using her Cricut. See her to get a set of your own!




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