Kitchen Re-Vamp Week 3 ORC

Alright friends, here we are at week 3 of The One Room Challenge! Thanks for stopping by to see where we are at in our project! In today's post I am going to show you what we did this week as well as tell you all about the back splash we chose. First, lets take a little look at the before.


As you can see in August when we first moved in we had no back splash, inexpensive black appliances, grey granite counters with a wall back splash slab attached. The builder choose white cabinets with grey granite attempting to follow the trends but it just doesn't work and here's why. They attempted to add warmth through the counters but once you add decor elements, functional kitchen supplies, and a backsplash it all just becomes too busy, dark, and overpowering. Then you have completely plain, stark white cabinets. The two opposites can not peacefully co-exist in the same space. I knew this combination was lacking balance. If you scroll down through the images, I think you can agree that the all white background allows the pattern of the back splash and counter decor really shine. 

This week we ( I ) applied the faux marble counter top cover. I say I because I did it completely by myself and these two small spaces were SO easy to install! Earlier this year we used this product to cover all of the Santa Cecilia granite in our previous kitchen. 

You can find all the details, the how-to and direct links in this post here.

I searched for hours upon hours and days upon days for weeks trying to find the PERFECT back splash. 95% of the gorgeous Pinterest dream kitchens were some form of Subway tile. I would never knock the oh so classic Subway tile but I knew this space needed something with a little more pizzazz. 

There were a few really stunning unique ones, but all completely out of my reach. So, I settled on a thin herringbone pattern. For a couple of weeks I was mostly happy with my choice but had this tiny, little, nagging in the back of my mind that it wasn't THE ONE. The day before we were set to make the hour long drive (to pick up the herringbone tiles) I thought, "Okay I'll just do one quick search again to make sure I'm not missing anything." I had been worried the herringbone would be too modern with the other items I had already picked out and fallen in love with. I wanted something with the same feel but a little softer and prettier.....That's when I saw it. I gasped, it was EXACTLY what I didn't even know I was looking for. Then I saw the price, then I saw that it was available in store at the Lowes right down the street and I gasped some more. I mean, that's totally meant to be right? Now we are living Happily Ever After! If you love it too you can scroll down to find the direct link at the bottom of this post!





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