Thoughtful Holiday Treats (Post Bump)

I shared these boxes a few years ago as one of my very first blog posts! They are my GO-TO holiday treats for all of the wonderful adults in our life, Teachers, Mail Man, Neighbors. These are the perfect way to wish them a Merry Christmas, letting them know you appreciate their presence in your life.

Who doesn't love chocolate? I find inexpensive gourmet chocolate at places like Target, Fresh Market , Costco, and even Home Goods. Then, I create my own custom labels in Picmonkey

For the bars, I gently peel off the store labels and use it as a template to make my own. 


About once or twice a year the Target dollar section will get these acrylic, office, organizer, boxes in. Every time I see them I STOCK up, they are only $1 each!! After I've decided what will go in each space I create labels in Picmonkey. After I've played around with the sizing using regular paper, I print on full sheets of sticker label paper like these

Here, I have filled the boxes with chocolates, french macrons (MY FAVORITE), and chocolate covered cranberries (soooo good!).

I use the back to add a personalization so they know we've created these especially for them! It's all in the details!

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